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The JOCS NS Sensor is providing operators with unmatched real- time oil condition monitoring and equipment status insight. 

The JOCS NS Sensor is designed for integration with different head thread sizes to fit most inspection plug point, and multiple data outputs, CANBUS, MODBUS, 4-20mA for plug and play integration. 

The JOCS NS Sensor is developed to detect the oil quality in industrial hydraulic systems, gears and compressors. The sensor is easy to install and requires no maintenance.

The JOCS NS detects 15 analyzes per second with a accuracy within 99,2 %. The JOCS NS measures every/all (known) contaminants.

The JOCS NS Sensor optimizes service intervals without risking equipment performance and reliability. The JOCS NS Sensor prevents catastrophic or costly failures by tracking in real-time every single changes to your oil quality. 

The JOCS NS Sensor is reliable and robust engineered from AISI304 stainless steel, with a IP67.

JIM-TEC provides software, which can record all detectives for use as “preventive maintenance tool” to both learn machinery setup changes or contaminants which suddenly occurs.

JIM-TEC enables real-time monitoring of synthetic or mineral oil,

in most industrial application. Any change in quality or condition, caused by wear and/or contamination is immediately detected, accurately measured and reported.