Lithography oven with minimal lubrication

Here we see an example of chain lubrication from a lithography furnace with minimal lubrication.
Previously, the end product had pigment defects due to over-lubrication of the chain. JIM-TEC designed a special wheel with several functions - a necessity when there is space shortage in the machine.
The wheel is therefore both a lubricating wheel and a tensioner wheel. In combination with the lubrication system, the wheel dispenses down to 0.02 cm3 per unit. dosage.
The wheel is designed so that the metering hits exactly and thus also minimizes spillage and over-lubrication.

  • Lubrication wheel
  • Lubrication wheel

Minimal lubrication on a Simer Stone Oven

A stone oven, that bakes up to over 400 ° C, should be lubricated at very short intervals and with very small amounts. In this case, we have developed a lubrication system that dosing an extremely small amount of oil into the pin and bushings.

The system is designed to be able to re-lubricate from a temperature sensor and knowledge of the oil in use, so that it can regulate the re-lubrication time itself from the evaporation/deposition release on the oil in use.