Lubrication Systems - Customised to your needs

At JIM-TEC we start with your machine and your needs.Whether we work with the OEM (machine builder) or the end customer, we always work from the device that lubrication is easy if you lubricate the right place with the right amount and at the right time.

We develop and specially design pumps and components to suit your particular needs. Over the years we have specialized in lubrication for the food- and pharmaceutical industry with the development and production of specially designed grease wheels, including tasks such as design of lubricating systems for extreme high temperature ovens. We have a lot of experience with bakeries, slaughterhouses, protein industry, dairies and confectionery production, but we are able to meet your needs in any kind of production area.

In the menu you will find examples of previous projects on the types of products that we develop when it comes to grease or oil lubrication systems.